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Our Firm Appeals Tax Assessments For Commercial And Industrial Clients Across The U.S.Are your property tax numbers not adding up? Do you have unanswered questions about taxation? Do you have reason to suspect that the state or city has inaccurately calculated your personal property or real estate taxes? Has it been a while since you’ve even evaluated whether or not your property is being properly assessed? Don’t waste any time in getting the answers and explanations you’re owed; contact Stavitsky & Associates LLC, experienced property tax attorneys serving commercial and industrial clients nationwide. Don’t be one of the many people who overpay on their property taxes, losing money each year that’s rightfully theirs to keep.

At Stavitsky & Associates, you’ll find a team of expert lawyers ready and willing to assess your situation, provide you with the careful and individualized attention you deserve, and ensure that you’re paying the right amount of taxes on your personal property or real estate. With nearly forty years worth of experience helping commercial and industrial taxpayers across the U.S., there’s not a tax issue the property tax lawyers at Stavitsky & Associates aren’t able to navigate with confidence. If a real estate or other property tax issue is identified, Attorney Bruce Stavitsky will guide his clients through every step of the appeals process, beginning at the preparatory stage and ending with the best possible result. He and his associates are well versed in Real and Personal Property Tax, Tax Incentives, Condemnation and related practice areas and understand the related restrictions, deadlines, and requirements to pursue an appeal.

Our Firm Appeals Tax Assessments For Commercial And Industrial Clients Across The United States

Our Firm Appeals Tax Assessments For Commercial And Industrial Clients Across The United StatesOur goal is to ensure that our clients are fairly assessed and taxed by municipal, county, and state government. Our areas of practice include: Property Tax Appeals, Personal Property Tax, Tax Incentives, State and Local Tax/Sales and Use Tax and Condemnation Law. Our firm’s primary focus is on Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Appeals. In addition to these specific areas of law, Stavitsky & Associates, LLC is willing and able to provide a broad array of related legal services.

We strive to provide our clients with high quality representation. When challenging tax assessments, we become familiar with the property to determine whether an assessment is not equitable. To that end, we ask for information about the property, including its age, condition, size and ability to generate rental income if it’s leased or capable of being leased. We confirm the accuracy of our data by personally inspecting the property and asking the right questions based on our observations. After a thorough review, we share our findings with our clients and counsel them on whether or not a tax appeal is appropriate. At Stavitsky & Associates LLC, we view our clients as our “partners” and seek their input during each phase of a case. We recognize that our clients have other demands on their time, therefore they can be as engaged in the process as they wish.

We have represented commercial and industrial taxpayers throughout the United States for over 36 years, saving our clients hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Due to our extensive experience, we have forged cordial, professional relationships with taxing authorities around the United States. We utilize these relationships with one goal in mind – to achieve assessment reductions so that our clients are assessed and taxed both fairly and equitably. We are often able to achieve this goal informally, without the necessity of pursuing litigation. When informal negotiations are not fruitful, the filing of a formal appeal becomes necessary. The skilled attorneys at Stavitsky & Associates thoroughly prepare for negotiations, court appearances and trial by assembling the right team of fact and expert witnesses, critically evaluating expert reports submitted to ensure the most successful outcome for our clients. We are always available and accessible. Communication is very important to us so that we are aware of each other’s thinking in how we go about achieving equitable tax assessments in this time of increased government spending, rising tax rates, reassessments and revaluations.

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Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Pursuant to the Fifth Amendment, the government reserves the right to acquire and transform private property to public property under the condition that they provide fair compensation for that property to its owner. Often referred to as the “takings” clause of the Fifth Amendment, exercising this power requires the government to conduct a valuation of the property being taken in order to determine a fair amount of compensation. Unfortunately, the property assessments and valuations conducted by the government are not always without objection.

Oftentimes, the owner of a property will disagree with the amount of compensation the government offers, and may even be able to demonstrate that the value calculated by the government is not in line with the going market value of the property. When property owners face disagreements of this nature, they will need an experienced eminent domain/condemnation attorney by their side, as going up against the government in the absence of qualified representation is bound to produce a negative outcome for the owner and a positive one for the government. The condemnation attorneys at Stavitsky & Associates have one goal in mind when handling cases of this nature: obtain the highest possible award for their clients—in a way that produces the lowest amount of stress for them. Don’t hesitate to reach out today; they are ready and willing to take on any eminent domain/condemnation case.

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Tax Incentives, Abatement, And Exemptions

All too often, taxpayers miss opportunities to take advantage of abatements, tax exemptions, and tax incentives that are owed to them as the result of implementing additions or improvements to existing facilities, or developing new facilities from the ground up. Such improvements and developments are generally accompanied by job growth as well, which can lead to additional opportunities for abatements, exemptions, and tax incentives.

These beneficial tax consequences are state-specific, and the process of obtaining them often requires the expertise of an attorney who is well versed in this area of the law. At Stavitsky & Associates, clients will find a team of qualified attorneys ready to help them benefit from these tax incentives. Bringing almost 40 years’ worth of experience to the table, the team at Stavitsky & Associates will not only identify the ways in which a specific client may benefit from one or more projects or facility developments, but provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process of negotiations and communication with the government.

Abatements, tax incentives, and exemptions will rarely be offered or publicized by the government. If a taxpayer wants to access these benefits, they’re going to have to fight for them. The attorneys at Stavitsky & Associates pride themselves on being a part of that fight for their clients, helping companies get credit for the good they do, and in turn, helping companies thrive on the whole. Regardless of a potential client’s physical location, Stavitsky & Associates are there to help.

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